Mar, 13th 2014

"A man comes into my life and I have to COMPROMISE ?" - Eartha Kitt, 1982

Mar, 1st 2014
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Mar, 1st 2014


The Art Of Freestyle By O’trip House

What you are about to see is a freestyle…
But beware!
The goal is to install a universe, communicate with each other and with you.
In the tradition of Jazz up today, such as musicians, we decided a theme, a frame…

Thanks for watching.
O’trip House

I’m not easily moved by dancers but this O’Trip House freestyle just got me stuck in front my screen for 12 min straight !
These gentlemen master their art, no doubt about it.
They voluntarily shaped their own personal style in order to give consistency, coherence and clearly a soul to their group when dancing together. And trust me, not every dance group can do that. They all bring something special to the table. Check it out !

Feb, 26th 2014

This is how 2014 feels like so far.

Jan, 12th 2014
» the day after Baraka died by aja monet


I do not know what to do with my grief
so I write a poem that will listen to me cry
when the world is noised with laughter
and all the heart wants is to weep in blood.

Losing an elder is like taking a tongue out of a mouth. The youth becomes betrayed by it’s silence. As I mature into a…

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